Thursday, October 27, 2005

First 3GPP-compliant solution to support 2.5G/3G rollouts


3G_newsAzaire Networks' flagship product, the IP Converged Network Platform (IP-CNP), is the first 3GPP-compliant solution that enables operators to deploy hybrid networks to complement 2.5G/3G rollouts and services with unlicensed spectrum technologies.
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Alcatel Creates Mobile TV Venture


France-based communications company has created a mobile TV venture, called Alcatel Mobile Broadcast, that will develop the technologies and infrastructure for mobile TV broadcasting.

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New Blackberry Google Maps Software


J2ME Maps For Blackberry
J2ME Maps For Blackberry
Thomas Landspurg has ported over J2ME Maps to the Blackberry platform. J2ME Maps is a program interface that lets you communicate with Google Map. Features include satellite and map views, zoom, search requests, and the ability to save your favorite locations. J2ME Map also uses JSR179, so theoritically it is possible to get your location via GPS. But the GPS feature has not been tested by the author.

To download, visit on the link below:

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SBC to don AT&T brand


SAN ANTONIO-SBC Communications Inc., which controls 60 percent of Cingular Wireless L.L.C., said it will adopt the AT&T Inc. brand name following the completion of its $16 billion acquisition of

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Sybase closes acquisition of Extended Systems


Enterprise infrastructure and mobile software provider Sybase Inc. Thursday announced the completion of its acquisition of Extended Systems Inc. for approximately $71.3 million, or $4.46 per share.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Evolution of WiMAX Certification


The initial wave of WiMAX certification is coming to an end and the first WiMAX-certified products are expected before the end of the year. This is a key benchmark for the entire WiMAX community: after much hype and anticipation, we will be able to assess

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The Evolution of WiMAX Certification


The initial wave of WiMAX certification is coming to an end and the first WiMAX-certified products are expected before the end of the year. This is a key benchmark for the entire WiMAX community: after much hype and anticipation, we will be able to assess

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mobile Targets Enterprise

Wireless vendors ready middleware, handsets for corporations.,1759,1876333,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000605

Cingular pushes Oz e-mail to users

ATLANTA--Few killer apps have fizzled the way mobile e-mail has.
Although it seems nearly every U.S. consumer has at least two e-mail accounts-one for work and another for personal use-only a

Managing convergence requires teamwork

Convergence changes things. Although combining voice and data across the same packet network wouldn't, in theory, imply dramatic changes in the organization and operations of an IT department, in practice companies that implement convergence find themselves revisiting almost every aspect of their operations. That means making some of the obvious changes - such as combining voice and data teams - as well as some that might be less evident.

IMS: Simplify First, Add Apps Later


The first wave of IMS deployments aim to help reduce the clutter that consumers face over the telecom wires

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Cingular Introduces Own E-mail Access on Cells


Cingular Wireless is introducing a service for nonbusiness users to get BlackBerry-like mobile access to their personal e-mail accounts from AOL, Yahoo and MSN Hotmail on a cell phone. The new service, powered by OZ Communications Inc., is designed to adapt the look and capabilities of a Web portal or e-mail program such as Outlook to the limited screen size, keyboard and processing power of a garden variety handset.

The Java-based e-mail application initially will be available to download on existing phones starting Monday with 5 models from Motorola Inc. and one from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. It also is being pre-installed on new phones, though not immediately through all Cingular sales channels.

There’s no monthly charge for Cingular Mobile Email, but users will need to subscribe to one of the company’s wireless Internet plans with a monthly allotment of data usage. Jim Ryan, a Cingular vice president, said a $5 monthly data plan should provide sufficient capacity to check one’s e-mail a few times daily.

Fetching e-mail on a cell phone has been possible for some time, generally by using a mobile Web browser or a downloadable third-party application. But the process is often cumbersome: Users need to click through multiple menus, type in Web addresses, sign in using a telephone keypad, and scroll about to read poorly formatted messages on a small screen. By contrast, BlackBerrys and other “smart” mobile devices were designed for accessing corporate e-mail accounts and other business information in real time with a click or two, displaying them in an easier-to-read format on a slightly larger screen.

The surging popularity of such devices - BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. reported that its user base grew by about 20 percent in the third quarter to 3.6 million - has fueled predictions that mobile e-mail will be a big draw for consumers too, generating new revenue for wireless carriers.

“RIM has been phenomenally successful catering to high-end users, but that’s peanuts compared to the 700 million plus consumer e-mail accounts,” said Skuli Mogensen, chief executive of Montreal-based OZ, which also provides the instant messaging service offered by Cingular and other carriers.

The Cingular application and a service recently introduced by Sprint Nextel Corp. to deliver Yahoo mail to cell phones are designed to minimize clicks as well, while offering other BlackBerry-like features such as immediate notification of new e-mails as they arrive online.

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Microsoft debuts LCS for phones, PDAs


Cisco to unveil iPics technology; Stratus to support Red Hat Linux

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Satellites Bring Beamed Broadband


Inmarsat is about to launch the second of its high-bandwidth, beamforming satellites: The fourth-generation of satellites doesn't cover huge areas by default. Instead, they can beam 492 Kbps signals to areas that range from the size of a city to the size of a small region.

Portable phones and data devices should work more simply and be much smaller than previous planned or deployed fast satellite networks. Tenzing's descendent firm OnAir will make use of the "I-4" network to bring speeds at multiples of 492 Kbps to in-flight aircraft. Thousands of aircraft already have Inmarsat equipment on board; the upgrade is fairly inexpensive and quick to put in a fourth-generation receiver.

The new system could also fuel rural broadband by providing superior bidirectional speeds at a lower cost per user.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

This cell phone fraud has a familiar ring


A new study says the mobile content industry is losing billions through ringtone theft and fraud -- a trend that will continue if the market doesn't wizen up.

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Cisco pushes into the application acceleration game


Cisco last week introduced application acceleration and branch office products that the network giant says will help bring faster application response times to remote users. The new wares are the result of Cisco's acquisition of FineGround this past summer.

Fluke Network Tools


Advanced network tools for IT professionals. Learn everything about your network in seconds. Learn more.


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Users awash in emerging wireless options


Complex landscape of overlapping choices include a sea of acronyms: Flash-OFDM, EV-DO, CDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, WiMAX and more.

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Nokia sees the WiMAX as a complement to 3GPP technology


3G_newsNokia have announced that its Networks business group has completed a data call as part of its WiMAX (802.16e) development program. Nokia sees the WiMAX e-version as a complement to 3GPP technology, or deployed as a stand-alone data network.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Blackberry Offers GPS


The new BlackBerry 7100i Wireless Handheld is the first -- and currently only -- member of the BlackBerry 7100 family that provides real-time GPS navigation.

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New York Cabbies Say 'No' To GPS


Taxi drivers in New York protest plans to put tracking systems in their vehicles

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DoCoMo Called Most Successful With Cellular Data


Japan's NTT DoCoMo earns more revenue per user for cellular data services than any other cellular operator in the world, a new study says.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Readers Pick IMS Killer Apps


Light Readers sound off in our most recent poll on the applications that will make all this IMS stuff worthwhile

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SBC Jumps on Lucent IMS Bandwagon


SBC follows Cingular in picking Lucent for IMS gear. Will BellSouth be next?

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Gates and Lazaridis: A meeting of the minds

 Gates and Lazaridis: A meeting of the minds - It was no showdown in the OK Corral, but it was no love-in either, Patricia Best writes


Avoiding gridlock high-tech style


Blog: Traffic jams rank seem to rank right up there with people's least favorite places to be before and after work. While...


Microsoft to convert $600-million Rogers shares


Microsoft holding dates back to 1999, when it made the investment as part of a deal to provide software for set-top boxes used by Canada's No. 1 cable company

[The Globe and Mail - Technology News]

Best Buy's Spin On RFID


Best Buy is just months away from using tags on some shipments to improve its supply chain and customer service

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Nortel's new chief a 'natural fit', says analyst


With the announcement of a new person at the helm of Brampton, Ont.-based Nortel Networks Corp., analysts believe the company is shifting gears and moving forward to strengthen its hold in the increasingly converging IT and telecom markets. The departure of Nortel president and CEO Bill Owens may be less of an indication of his leadership strength, but more of a signal that Nortel is now "focused on growth and revenue, and leveraging technology," according to Roberta Fox, senior partner, Markham, Ont.-based Fox Group Consulting.

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Samsung Introduces Mobile Phone with 3GB Hard Disk Drive


New CDMA EV-DO can store up to three full-length movies or 700 music files.


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Virtual LANs? Meet Virtual Wi-Fi


Microsoft Research introduces an experimental virtualization package for Wi-Fi adapters: This software for Windows XP allows you to have multiple logical copies of a single Wi-Fi hardware adapter but use these logical copies to connect to different physical Wi-Fi networks. One example the research team poses is connecting with one instance of a Wi-Fi card to an ad hoc game-playing box (oh, I don't know--an Xbox?) while also connected via infrastructure mode to a Wi-Fi gateway that hooks into the Internet.

The team also mentions two interesting applications: using a "thin pipe" for diagnosis by allowing a connected machine to hook into diagnostics without losing its connectivity, which would then make it harder to diagnose certain problems; and multiple simultaneous network connections for improving throughput without additional radios.

This is exciting stuff. I have no idea how performance suffers and whether all cards will support. The research teams lists several cards of varying vintages going way back to 1999, and their software worked with all of them. Neither WEP nor 802.1X (nor ostensibly WPA, which isn't mentioned by name) are supported in this early version. [link via Endgaget]

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'4G' Leapfrogs Next-Gen Wireless


3G's for chumps and losers. Winners anticipate the arrival of fourth-generation networks that will provide phone customers and laptop users with truly efficient wireless internet service. First in a four-part series. By Michael Grebb. PLUS: Look Ma, No Wires!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Switching Networks on the Fly


Future smart clients will be able to detect available networks and switch among them based on which networks are fastest, which are cheapest, and which are most secure for business use.

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Cingular Wireless Selects Lucent Technologies’ IMS-Based Solution

 Cingular Wireless Selects Lucent Technologies’ IMS-Based Solution

Cingular Wireless and Lucent Technologies today announced that Cingular has awarded Lucent a four-year agreement to provide a comprehensive IMS-based solution that will enable Cingular to rapidly develop and launch a broad range of services

Contactless convergence with mobile wireless


3G_newsThe growth and penetration in contactless card technology, particularly in the last few years, is evident. This includes the proliferation of touch-and-go fare collection for parking and transit in major cities, the common use of ID and physical/logical access cards in the enterprise space, the movement towards electronic passports, and the emergence of contactless payment. If we tie in the highest penetrated smart card application, namely mobile telephony, we find an excellent match of two well accepted technologies.
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Due Monday: the Linksys-Skype cordless phone


Hey guess what.On Monday, you will be able to buy the new, cordless phone Linksys Internet Telephony Kit (CIT200) and use it with your Skype service.For your $129.99, you'll get a handset,charger, and a USB base station that plugs into a PC's USB port. You already know Linksys' Daddy-Cisco Systems.With the handset, you'll be able [...]

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Nortel names new CEO


Bill Owens to be replaced by Motorola executive Mike Zafirovski Nov. 15

[The Globe and Mail - Technology News]

Palm Treo 650 Gets Blackberry Connect


Palm, Inc. and Research In Motiontoday announced that they are working together to bring BlackBerry Connect to the Palm Treo 650 smartphone. The companies expect the solution to be available in the United States and internationally starting in early calendar 2006.

Through RIM’s BlackBerry Connect licensing program, Palm will enable its Treo 650 and future Palm OS based Treo smartphones with secure, push-based wireless email via BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

“Treo 650 has earned accolades as the best fully featured smartphone available, and we’re thrilled to make it even better by answering customer requests and offering RIM’s BlackBerry email solution for businesses,” said Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer of Palm, Inc. “Our news today demonstrates Palm’s promise to offer flexible mobile-computing solutions with world-class, enterprise-strength partners, delivering what we’re convinced is the best email experience to the broadest set of customers — all on Treo smartphones.”

“The BlackBerry architecture and infrastructure are recognized around the world as secure, manageable, reliable and scalable, and we are extremely pleased to broaden the choice of BlackBerry-enabled handsets with the Treo 650,” said Jim Balsillie, chairman and co-CEO at RIM. “We have already seen significant customer interest in this powerful combination, and we look forward to building on our relationship with Palm.”

BlackBerry Connect will be available for new and existing Treo 650 users through select carriers. Pricing and distribution details will be provided at a later date.

[BlackBerry Cool]

FT Picks Ericsson for IMS


Ericsson has landed a major deal from France Telecom for its IMS-based systems, according to industry sources

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Friday, October 14, 2005

RSS users make more money


In a demographics survey of RSS users and non-users, published by Ipsos Insight and Yahoo! the average income of an average Internet user was estimated at $62,655. Meanwhile, those who use RSS and are aware what the term means, bring home a paycheck of $74,116. Those who use RSS, but are not aware of it, [...]

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Top 50 wireless universities cover 98% of their campus with Wi-Fi


The survey by Sperling's Best Places found US schools made significant strides installing WiFi wireless networks in just one year. The top 50 wireless institutions, now on average, cover 98% of their campuses with wireless networks, compared with 64% 2004. 74% of these top 50 schools cover 100% of their grounds. Only 14% did in [...]

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28% of Internet users know what podcasting is, 2% subscribe to podcasts


28% of Internet users say they are aware of podcasting, according to a Yahoo study, but just 2% say they subscribe to them.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best Buy to offer Clearwire wireless broadband

WiMax is getting closer…. 

clearwire logo

Best Buy, in an effort to provide customers with immediate Internet access once they arrive home with their new computers, will soon become one of the first retailers to offer pre-WiMax service in certain locations. The company has teamed up with Craig McCaw’s Clearwire (clear wire = no wire, get it?) to provide this nascent wireless broadband technology in what is being promoted as a true plug-and-play configuration. Customers will lease a wireless modem which need only be plugged into a computer and power outlet to begin usage: no software required. The rollout will begin October 30th at 25 Best Buy stores (mostly along the West Coast, Texas, and Florida, although currently no major metropolitan areas are covered), to be expanded as Clearwire enters new markets, and will cost between $25 and $40.

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Five fun facts from Broadband Wiki

The following is a post from OM Malik’s blog. He is spearheading a grassroots survey of broadband access from around the world. Maybe a few CGI member’s can help fill in a few blanks. Interesting survey results so far….

broadbandwikiWe have had overwhelming support for the broadband around the planet wiki, and we now have more than two dozen countries already in the wiki. We still need more help, and are counting on your support. Please help us spread the word. I registered and it directs to our wiki. Also, we have a Broadband+Google Maps mash-up in the works, and have a brand new logo. If you can, please put the logo on your websites, and link back to the wiki. Thanks for your generous support.

And now for the fun part….

1.      Did you know that Iceland is only behind South Korea, Netherlands and Denmark in Internet penetration, and 84% of its households have Internet connection?

2.      Australia adds 40,000 broadband connections every month.

3.      In Spain, you can get a 20 megabit/second connection for $36 a month and that includes free phone service and a wifi router from a company called Jazztel.

4.      Nearly 60% of Indians get their broadband at cyber cafes that dot the country?

5.      Uruguay’s telecom monopoly sells a 512/256 kbps connection for $190 a month.

[Om Malik's Broadband Blog]

The next ringtone

 The next ringtone
By Dan O'Shea
Oct. 13, 2005

I have never quite been able to grasp the popularity of ringtones--not monophonic, polyphonic or even the more recently popular digital realtones. Hearing a snippet of a favorite song or an ironically chosen ringtone (one of my fellow editors has the theme to "Sanford and Son" as his ringer) every time my phone rings just has no pull on me. I always figured there were a lot more people like me, or that even if there weren't, the popularity of ringtones as a downloadable mobile application was going to last about as long as disco did.

Boy, was I wrong. Ringtones continue to be the pre-eminent mobile content application, and with digital realtones, the industry has even figured out how to get customers to pay more for them. Several market studies have shown that the ringtone market continues to grow, and it's still difficult to fathom if it will ever peak and begin to slow down, or if the young demographic that accounts for the majority of ringtone downloads will continue the practice as they age.

With other kinds of content applications emerging, it seems there should be more interesting things out there than ringtones. Or maybe there aren't. Maybe what has happened with ringtones needs to happen with every kind of content application for it to become really popular. Focus on the right market segment, and continue to improve what you started with until you can create a premium revenue opportunity.

Wireless News
Study: Realtones generating the most revenue
By Kevin Fitchard
Oct 12, 2005    

Though polyphonic and monophonic ringtones still account for most downloads in the U.S., revenues from digital realtones have far surpassed them, according to a new study by Telephia.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks


A blockbuster interoperability deal between Microsoft and Yahoo will reshape the landscape of the fragmented instant messaging market.

[ Messaging and Collaboration]

Visto To Deliver Push Email on Nokias New Eseries Business Devices


Visto Corporation today announced that it will extend the Visto Mobile push e-mail solution to Nokia Series 60 3rd edition business-optimised mobile devices

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Nokia launches new phone series targeting businesses


The company said the three phones in its new E series should appeal to corporate workers because they incorporate 802.11g Wi-Fi capabilities.

[Computerworld Wireless Technology News]

The Basics of Deploying VoIP

Processor: Many organizations, particularly SMBs, underestimate the time and dislocation entailed by a move to VoIP. In short, there are many issues on which a poorly prepared organization will stumble. Not knowing what the company is getting into when it launches can produce unfortunate results, such as staff pulling overnighters in order to meet deadlines. The author suggests that the company make quarterbacking the VoIP implementation a temporary full-time job for one employee. Nine tips on planning a successful VoIP implementation are included.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

VoIP adoption up, but few using its full potential

Sprint, BellSouth join for business data


Sprint Nextel Corp. and BellSouth Corp. will jointly provide nationwide business data service.

[ High Tech:Telecom headlines]

MapQuest GPS Service Finds Places, Friends


MapQuest's GPS-enabled Find Me service now allows users to set up personal networks to share their location with friends.

[eWEEK Wireless]

Voice of Experience: VoIP Ain't Easy


David M. Mihelcic, chief technology officer of the Defense Information Systems Agency, says Internet-based phone networks need more care and feeding than traditional phone systems.

[Baseline Update]

High-Speed Packet Access Opens the Door to Turbo 3G


3G Operators Need HSPA Upgrades to Unlock the Earnings Potential of Mobile Broadband Services, Wireless Research Report Finds

[Broadband Wireless Exchange Wireless Data RSS News Feed]

Wireless Industry Comes Together for Faster Wi-Fi


A group of 27 technology companies have formed an alliance that will collaborate on a new, faster Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection standard for computers and other portable devices.

[eWEEK Wireless]

Juniper Systems Introduces Rugged Pocket PC Based on Windows Mobile 5.0


New Pocket PC is designed for mobile work in harsh enviroments, providing multiple options for external devices connection.


[Geekzone: IT, mobility, wireless and handheld news]

VeriSign Ups the Ante for IP Wireless Connect


Net2Phone is the first consumer play to trial VeriSign's IP Wireless Connect converged mobile Wi-Fi solution.

[Wi-Fi Planet Wireless News]

Visto Expands its ConstantSync Platform to Offer Visto Mobile Secure Voice


Visto Corporation today announced that it will expand its existing voice capabilities to offer Visto Mobile Secure Voice, a groundbreaking new feature that enables mobile professionals on the go

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Zi Technology to be Key Enabler of 3G Services


Zi Corporation only single-vendor of intelligent interface solutions, will be showcasing its range of innovative multi-modal input technologies and will share recent usability findings at this weeks.Smartphone Show

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Friday, October 07, 2005

WLAN quality-of-service specification approved


IEEE 802.11e standard for priority on wireless LANs has won final approval, with four proposed traffic classes: voice, video, best effort and background.

[Computerworld Mobile/Wireless News]

3G Making Inroads into Wireless Telemetry


3G_newsDue to their ability to offer broad geographical coverage and widely deployed infrastructure, 3G wireless networks have expanded their reach and subsequently achieved a greater significance in telemedicine.
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UMA Catalyses Convergence Revenue Battle for Mobile Operators


Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) has been a conference and presentation fixture in various forms for many years, but little has so far materialised. Now, the convergence winds of change are fast approaching storm force

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Wireless Developers Lament Current State of Important Development Tools, New Evans Data Survey


Wireless developers are not satisfied with some of their most important tools according to Evans Data's Fall 2005 Wireless Development Survey

[Wireless Developer Network News]

VOIP Players Spur Spending


Internet and other IT companies are crashing the telco party with VOIP; an escalating voice war should boost equipment vendors

[Light Reading]

GoRemote and Skype Bring Free Internet Phone Calls to Mobile Workforces


GoRemote (Nasdaq: GRIC) announced a strategic partnership with Skype that will further the capabilities of remote working for today's professional. Now, IT managers and CIOs can provide their mobile workers and teleworkers with free Skype phone calls to a

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Sprint COO: Garmin deal is about voice and content


A month after they announced a rare cross-town partnership to bring navigation to mobile phones, top executives from Sprint Nextel Corp. and Garmin Ltd. said Thursday that the deal is strategic to both companies' futures.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sprint sues Vonage for patent infringements


Sprint Nextel is suing Vonage Holdings and two other companies, claiming patent infringements for technology used for Internet phone calling.

[ High Tech:Wireless, Palms & PDAs headlines]

The second Internet revolution

The advancement in broadband technology and using the Web to deliver enterprise applications and services is fostering "global-class computing," which research firm Gartner describes as "a second Internet revolution." The firm predicts that corporate IT will begin developing Internet and related components into the enterprise's core business systems and strategies.

For more on the second Internet age:
- read this article at Vnunet


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Skype, GIPS extend partnership to mobile VoIP

 Skype, GIPS extend partnership to mobile VoIP

Skype reports it has extended its agreement with voice-processing specialist Global IP Sound (GIPS) to cover mobile VoIP applications. The companies will continue to work together to support Skype for desktop computers and will also plan for future versions of Skype aimed at the growing non-PC device market. The partnership's ultimate goal is to give manufacturers the opportunity to offer free Skype calling on WiFi enabled mobile handsets. GIPS voice-processing technology supports Skype by addressing sound delay, acoustic and network echo and jitter QoS issues.

"The contract extension with GIPS continues our strategy of offering our callers new and exciting ways to use Skype, which complement their desktop experience while extending their options of mobile Skype calling," said James Bilefield, Skype's vice president of business development. "We see Skype on mobile devices as a big part of our future development."

For more details on the Skype/GIPS mobile VoIP partnership:
- check out this Skype press release


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Boeing to Offer Wireless Entertainment on 787 Dreamliner


Service will use a wireless network to deliver DVD-quality video to each seat on the airplane.


[Geekzone: IT, mobility, wireless and handheld news]

Thursday, September 29, 2005

CTIA reports 25M new subs, $4B in data revenue


The wireless industry reported 25.2 million new subscribers, its largest one-year addition of new subscribers in its more than 20-year commercial history, according to CTIA's semi-annual industry survey released this

[RCR Wireless - News Feeds]

Mobile Carriers Drop Location-Based Services


Mobile carriers have stopped looking at location-based services as a possible premium service, according to a panel of wireless carriers at the CTIA tradeshow in San Francisco.

[Wireless NewsFactor]

Warner Music Bets on Mobile-Music Downloads


Music downloads to mobile phones will reignite the music market, Edgar Bronfman, chief executive of Warner Music, predicted in a keynote presentation at the CTIA tradeshow.

[Wireless NewsFactor]

NAVTEQ to Provide Pedestrian and Location Content Key to Localized Search and Mobile Applications


NAVTEQ today announced the launch of a Consumer Content Program. The new content will initially include pedestrian and location data that enhances localized search and mobile applications

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Sybase mFolio Forges New Path For Carriers With an Evolutionary Approach to The Mobile Web


Sybase, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, today unveiled the Carrier Edition of its dynamic Web content mobilization data service offering, Sybase(r) mFolio(tm)

[Wireless Developer Network News]

Time Warner rolls out Caller ID service on television sets


Time Warner Cable San Antonio is working to make sure digital telephone customers don't miss any important calls while watching their favorite shows.

[ High Tech:Telecom headlines]

Delivery, Not Content, is Driving Mobile IT Industry


Industry experts predict that the success of mobile content will be about allowing people to interact with each other.

[eWEEK Wireless]

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NeuStar Inks Global Database Deal with GSMA

The GSM Association (GSMA) is enlisting the help of clearinghouse services provider NeuStar to manage a global directory that will facilitate the exchange and delivery of data messages over wireless networks on a worldwide basis. more


Dozens of interesting experiments are taking place around the world using WiFi to provide voice and data connectivity in areas of the world where it's difficult to build conventional infrastructure, from Inveneo's work in Uganda with VOIP over WiFi to Nepal Wireless's project to provide connectivity in the Himalayas. Wireless hackers like working with WiFi because the hardware is cheap, the frequency WiFi broadcasts on (2.4Ghz) is usually unlicensed, and because brilliant antenna hackers have been able to send WiFi signals over 100 miles.


WiMax wireless broadband technology is expected to continue bringing Internet service to developing regions around the world while expanding into the world of big business. Rapid, emerging market economies are expected to be the prime places for the first installments of WiMax during the trial period, according to an article from CNN. The number of trials has risen from 50 several months ago to more than 100. Since WiMax does not involve the expense of phone company hook-up fees, major companies such as AT&T, which is entering its third WiMax trial, are looking to save the billions of dollars it costs per year to connect office buildings to its network. Read more:



Billboards and advertising posters using Bluetooth to beam video ads direct to passing cell phones are in development in the United Kingdom. The system, called BlueCasting, uses a large directional Bluetooth transmitter behind the billboard to search the area up to 100 meters in front of the advertisement for any phones with their Bluetooth function turned on, then beams a message to the phone asking the user if he or she wishes to accept the ad. Users who chose to accept the ads can see movies, animations, music or still images. Read more:


Apps: Making The Most Of IP-Telephony

By Mier, Edwin E

We checked the direction, speed and course of four leading IP- telephony vendors' advanced application offerings. Here's where they're headed.

So what does buying an IP-PBX really buy us? Few enterprises looking to roll out IP-telephony get very far without answering that question.

But the answer is not so simple or straightforward: While an RFP checklist might make it look like all vendors offer the same capabilities-from audio conferencing to Web collaboration-that's not what we found in this, the third annual BCR and Miercom examination of IP-telephony-enabled advanced applications.

In late spring we invited IP-telephony suppliers to participate by showing off their latest application packages, plus any other new, unique and/or special offerings in these areas:

* Personal productivity

* Conferencing: audio and multimedia, ad hoc and scheduled

* Collaboration: using one or multiple media

* Advanced speech processing: natural-language speech interaction

* Mobility


New spec to address wireless QoS issues

The IEEE is finalizing the 802.11e standard to improve quality of service on Wi-Fi networks, giving performance-sensitive applications like VoIP priority. Now the Wi-Fi Alliance is working on the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) specification, a subset of 802.11e, in an attempt to make interoperability among vendors easy.


3G Phones As PC Replacements?


3G_newsA mobile phone PC that easily hops on a local WiFi network if available or connects via 3G when working remotely is the long sought after wireless grail of the mobile crowd. Personally I have my sights set on Sprint’s PPC 6700. The PPC 6700 is the latest smartphone, mobile phones that act like PC’s, to hit the streets.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Motorola Wins New Cheap Phone Deal with $30 Model


Motorola will sell more than 6 million mobile phones for less than $30 each in a new program to bring cheap handsets to developing markets.

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HP to help mobile operators launch new services


Company helps with assessment, consultation, deployment, troubleshooting and equipment.

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Sybase Subsidiary Targets Developers with 2.0 Version of RFID Platform


The platform provides an RFID application development and management environment.

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D-Link Offers Cell-Phone Viewable Webcam


The company's D-Link Internet Camera with 3G Compatibility produces streams for cell phone viewing: Phones with 3GPP viewers can watch live streams from the remote cameras. The cameras connect via 802.11b or g or Ethernet to a network. The camera also supports regular computer playback. No pricing or availability date were noted.

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Coca-Cola to Deploy More Than 6,000 Broadband Wireless Computers for Real-Time Enterprise Mobility


Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL) announced that it has been chosen by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) S.A., in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to provide an enterprise mobility solution to help increase productivity and improve op

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Sprint Offers Live TV on Mobile Handsets


Service based on MobiTV framework provides streaming live TV broadcast at 15 frames per second.


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Ericsson Introduces Push Email for Windows Mobile and Symbian Devices


The Ericsson Mobile Organizer offers 'push' access to Personal Information Management (PIM) applications.


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